Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Insert Tetris theme here...

I just got off the phone with the Pet Transportation company and everything is falling into place. All of the pets are good to go with the exception of the gerbil who will most likely need to fly in a customized crate. As long as I get copies of the cats' Rabies vaccinations, all pets will be flying out to meet Al after October 30th.

Al's job has agreed to provide us with 30 days of temporary housing plus rental car. Once they give us an address, the pets will be fully booked. I scheduled a preliminary assessment with the movers to come out on Friday and survey how much stuff we will be moving.

The pets have to go before the movers come so they will be able to pack up their cages, beds, litter etc. On the other side of the country Al will need to get temporary cages and food and water supplies. He is refusing to take a day off before the move and I am afraid he is going to get burned out.

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