Saturday, October 9, 2010

We'll make great pets...

Moving our pets across the country has proved to be the most challenging hurdle. We have cats, chinchillas, a guinea pig and a gerbil. I thought long and hard going back and forth with how I was going to do it. Cats in the cabin? Rodents in the cargo? Drive the cats and rodents across the US in the car? After much discussion and a recommendation from the movers we called a Pet Transportation company.

If you can afford to do it, this is probably the easiest, least stressful thing to do. The company will arrange the flights and health certificates, pick up the pets and bring them to the airport, and pick up the pets from the destination airport and deliver them to your door. It is very, very expensive though.

Things were going smoothly over email for about two days. But the first quote I got left out our gerbil and had one of our cats riding in a carrier that he would exceed the weight limit on. I sent one email asking about the gerbil and what carrier she should ride in and a second email stating that our 18 pound cat would need to ride in a larger carrier. (Something I think they should know since this is their business) I got one email back stating that if Raikou rides in a larger carrier it will cost an addition $275. I wrote another email asking "Okay, what about my gerbil?" Still no response the next day.

Shortly after, I emailed the owner (who we had spoken to previously) about my gerbil and how I felt my question was being ignored. He wrote back with an apology and the secondary person wrote with some bullshit response that she was working to see if all the pets would fit on one flight. Sounds like back tracking... why would she give me a quote in the first place if she was still currently trying to find a flight for all the pets? And why would she ignore me asking about my gerbil 3 times if that was the case?

I am already annoyed with the pet transport company... is this a bad sign?

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