Thursday, October 7, 2010

A tale of a life changing location switch...

I am moving across the country in about a month. From Worcester, MA to Portland, OR. The more research I do about hauling my ass across the US, the less satisfied I am with what little information I find. This is why I decided to start a blog. I figured if anyone else is in my situation; they may find whatever I did to get there informative.

First off; about me: I'm a girl about to turn 32 at the end of this month. I have been depressed for a while mostly due to obesity and location. I have always been overweight; 235lbs being my highest. Shortly before I met my husband; I was living in Norwich, CT and I had lost about 85lbs partly from being sick and partly from doing the Weight Watchers.

My roomate at the time decided to move to Pennsylvania. I was faced with a choice; follow my roomate (who was like my second mom) to Lancaster, PA or move in with my boyfriend in Worcester, MA. I chose the latter.

Over the next couple years I went through a couple of changes. I decided to be Vegan and I gained about 60lbs. I would attribute my weight gain to a several factors: 1. Being Vegan I have discovered there's actually MORE food to eat than I ever ate when I was omnivore or vegetarian. 2. I stopped working because of chronic back pain so I am very sedentary. 3. I hate it here. Plan and simple I hate Worcester, MA.

There are a lot of people with "Worcester Pride" who would hate to hear me bad mouthing the city. I think perhaps if you're not actually from Worcester, you can't help but see what's wrong with the place more so than what's right. But I wont get into all that.

Al and I were originally planning to move to CT. A lot of my depression stems from the fact that my friends all live in CT and I find the people in Worcester to be wholly unfriendly. I know only two people in Worcester after living here for 5 years and one of them is incredibly obnoxious.

So Al said to me "If they offered me a transfer at work; maybe in California, what would you want to do?"

I said "Well, I think it would be an interesting experience if nothing else. We could go for 5 years, then if we decided we didn't like it we could move back."

Al got the ball rolling at work and he was approved for a transfer to Portland, OR. Milwaukie, OR to be exact. His start date is November 1st and we have a lot of planning to do.

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